Looking beyond,

to manage risk.

Risk consultancy to corporations and institutions. Risk management and insurance brokerage. Alco offers strategic advisory, starting from risks analysis with the objective to identify the most effective prevention and protection strategies and the best risk transfer systems. Alco places risks with top National/International insurance companies, developing innovative insurance programs, negotiating the most profitable contractual terms and conditions.
RUI Registration number B000128518
Alco monitors, updates and manages insurance contracts along all their duration. Main activities are:

Alco for public administration
professionals have developed several and significant consulting experiences in risk management for Institutions and Public Companies operating in several different sectors, from local authorities to Public Health and Public Utilities. Alco analyses the chanches for new insurance initiatives on the basis of normative changes and gives support in editing technical tender documentation and consultancy in preparation of tender terms & conditions. We also provide assistance in offers evaluation an assessment, as well as management contracts and claims. is also able to provide its customers with training/upgrading plans to personnel in charge of insurance activities. Moreover, Alco organization includes a special division dedicated to the assistance and services for Public helthcare market.
Alco for homogeneous groups
Starting from the characteristics analysis, ALCO is able to develop financial solutions and insurance products also for individuals that belong to homogeneous groups or communities with similarities. The division has developed a sophisticated web tool to manage this activity.
Alco for private equity
Alco has an extensive experience in appraisal and evaluation in due diligence in M&A transactions for private equity and investors.