Looking beyond,

to improve the performance.

Management of outsourcing services for corporations, institutions and insurance companies. Starting from analyzing processes and organizations, ALCO proposes ideas for the outsourcing of company functions, aiming to optimize costs and enabling customers performances. Utilizing advanced technological platforms, Alco is able to offer modular and integrated solutions to outsource complete processes, in order to pursue high levels of cost effectiveness.
Claims Management
Alco provides consulting in compensations calculation, claims management and settlements for Insurance Companies, Insurance intermediaries, professionals, Companies, Public Authorities. Alco helps customers to set up a behavioral line with counterparts during litigation and restructuring phases, also throughout an internal legal team.
Automotive division - Fleet management
Alco offers a wide range of services within fleet management. Starting from the inception, all kind of correlated services are managed: accidents, authority for repairs, spare parts, appraisals, technical stops and relations with counterparts. The process is based on a complex and innovative proprietary web platform.